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Le magazine des intérieurs urbains inspirants de 15 à 70 m²

At face value, Sloft Magazine’s core mandate is to highlight the work of a new generation of professionals – and individuals – passionately involved in “better living.”

We do aim to be both a journal of contemporary urban life, a tool and source of inspiration for all those who want to create new interiors.

The old cliché that “less is more” doesn’t ring hollow to us. Hindsight shows that optimizing living space (i.e. considering every last detail through the dual filter of aesthetics and efficiency) can help bring long-term solutions to the challenges of urban life – real estate bubbles, noise, congestion, pollution, stress – while providing a widened horizon for the notion of “dwelling,” in just about any context.

From the outset, we at Sloft have chosen to devote our attention to compact surfaces, as promises of a more accessible, more inclusive, greener city. After all, those spaces have long been treated as the scraps of city building, or as last resorts for their inhabitants. Yet we believe that they are the laboratories where the city of tomorrow is invented – integrating its current constraints, while limiting sprawl in a world where more people grapple at ever-decreasing resources. Making the most of the space we choose to occupy also means there’s more of it to share with our neighbors – whether they live one floor above or one village over.

To us, it fundamentally means that life can be lived to its fullest.